Bigger Network Calls for a Bigger Team: HookLogic is Hiring!

HookLogic’s client roster is growing at a rapid pace. The opportunity at hand for advertisers is immense right now, and as more ecommerce sites join the Retail Search Exchange, this opportunity is only going to get bigger. As a result, we’re expanding our team of extremely intelligent, motivated, and amazingly talented employees in our two biggest office locations – New York City and Ann Arbor.

From 4 to 40…the Ann Arbor Office Continues to Grow
HookLogic’s Ann Arbor office started with just 4 employees in 2008, and now is home to more than 40. Last April, the Michigan team moved to 523 S Main St – an old brewery with 10,000 square feet (that can hold up-to 100 employees!). Unique office perks include a basketball court and prime proximity to the University of Michigan football stadium for tailgating fun.

The bulk of the Ann Arbor office is focused on Product and Software Development, as well as Operations for HookLogic’s AutoHook suite of products. The office currently has 8 positions open right now, with an expected 10-20 more openings added by end of year.

New York City Team Takes Over 455 Broadway
In the New York office, almost each and every desk is now occupied by more than 45 employees. The hunt for new office space – and new NYC-based talent – is currently underway. The office resides on a busy street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York, home to technology start-ups, top restaurants, and boutiques.

New York is home to the majority HookLogic’s fast-growing sales team, as well as many of the Senior Executives, including Jonathan Opdyke, CEO. We’re often hiring for sales and, account management positions.

Check out our latest job openings here. 


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