eMarketer publishes an in-depth report on Performance Marketing

PM reportYory Wurmser at eMarketer recently published an in-depth look at the new frontier of digital marketing, performance marketing, detailing its growth is affecting overall retail in the United States.  HookLogic, founded on the principles of attribution and the power of data, has long been a proponent and pioneer in this field.

Simply put, performance marketing pay-for-performance.  It’s a marketing model in which a brand pays a publisher or media partner for a defined– be it click-through, percent of sales, or any other desirable action – after the completion of the event. 

While performance marketing started as an online phenomenon, where cost-per-click ruled, it can and will soon be transferred to offline activity as well, and hyper-competition among retailers means that it is going through a period of explosive growth.  With this growth will come increased attention and spending. As HookLogic CEO Jonathan Opdyke notes in the report, “Marketing budgets are changing. What used to be a promotion or co-op budget will increasingly become ecommerce and performance marketing budgets.” 

You can count on HookLogic to be ready.

You can find the full report on the eMarketer website.

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