Marketing Insights from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

The HookLogic team recently joined partners, clients and industry friends in Las Vegas for the 2014 Consumer  Electronics Show. While much of what you will read about the event covers the latest and greatest product info on 4k Televisions, ‘phablets’, robots and more, I’d like to take the time to share some of the ways that the leaders in Consumer Electronics were marketing and showcasing their products. After all, with thousands of vendors attending an event like this, how did brands make an effort to stand out? Why are certain brands being mentioned in the press more than others? Here are a few of the top marketing tactics that stood out this year:

  • Product demonstrations…taken to the extreme: Televisions that looked like they could take up city blocks showcased the latest in 3D technology, while action camcorders were worn by skateboarders and extreme sports stars.
  • Celebrity appearances: Who knew we’d get to meet Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future? Celebrities were a draw at the show for everything from new electronic guitars to camcorders.
  • Live events: Examples include fashion shows showcasing headphones, live DJs at parties for speaker brands, and more.

Now that the event is over and done, participating brands should follow up with proven tactics such as:

  • Email marketing: Sending more information as a follow up is sure to get response. Stay top of mind and send a series of emails that reference CES and keep the conversation going.
  • Social suggestions: Include a request to like your brand on Facebook or follow you on Twitter as part of your follow-up message. It is a simple way to engage and keep up with parties who prefer this medium to traditional channels.
  • Search advertising: Now that they’ve seen your products, they are more likely to search for them online. Advertising both on Google and more effectively, on ecommerce sites themselves (learn how here) will help them find you quickly and cost effectively.

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