Moving Away From the Direct Conversion Model @ MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit

As a participant in a panel entitled ‘Moving Away From the Direct Conversion Model,’ at MediaPost’s recent Search Insider Summit in Key Largo, I shared my perspective as a former brand-side CMO. Overall, I believe search indeed has a role throughout the entire purchase decision funnel. Search moves consumers from awareness to consideration to purchase and repeat and even to advocacy, contributing to both branding as well as direct response sales conversion.

With a tool like HookLogic’s Retail Search Exchange, brands can buy paid placement on the first page of search results on retail sites allowing products to be positioned both in category searches (e.g. gift wrapping tape) and need searches (e.g. scrap-booking) – both which drive consumers throughout the full purchase decision funnel (e.g. to buy Scotch(R) tape and share with others).

Watch the full panel discussion here:

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