“Search Sells” at the iMedia Commerce Summit

At the iMedia Commerce Summit: The Future of Shopping, held earlier this week in Salt Lake City, Utah, HookLogic’s VP of Search Media, Steve Elson, presented alongside client Corey Carillo, Global Search & Online Marketing Manager for Intel Corporation. Their presentation entitled “Search Sells: Capitalizing on How Shoppers Search Retail Sites” gave attendees insights on how ecommerce search platforms such as Google’s Product Listing Ads, Amazon’s Product Ads and Sponsored Products, and HookLogic’s Retail Search Exchange give brands the opportunity to engage with people actively shopping for products, while also well as providing actionable insights stemming from new research about how people actually shop on ecommerce sites.

Highlights from the presentation included:

  • Many shoppers distrust search & filters for discovery: 70% of shoppers use browse-based navigation tools for product discovery instead of the search box, and 73% of shoppers express a fear of missing out (FOMO) as the reason why (learn more here).
  • Consumers most often cite price, but recognize the importance of various product content on decision-making: For example, Product Description and Product Ratings & Reviews are top influences on Health & Beauty products and Electronics.
  • Higher conversion follows search & filtering: Products found via search and filtering convert at about 2X the rate of those found via navigation. This indicates that navigation is preferred for product discovery, while search useful when ready to purchase.

If you missed the iMedia Summit, you’ll still have a chance to access the full presentation during a webinar HookLogic is hosting with CPC Strategy on July 16. Stay tuned!

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