Shopping Trends & Digital Marketing Tactics for the 2014 Holiday Season

Authored by Phillip Lauria, Head of Marketing at Qriously.

Earlier this week, we partnered with our friends at HookLogic for a webinar hosted by HookLogic and the American Marketing Association entitled, “Shopping Trends & Digital Marketing Tactics for the 2014 Holiday Season.” The webinar was led by HookLogic’s CMO, Elizabeth Jackson and Qriously’s EVP of Commercial, Joe Zahtila. The theme of the webinar was around capitalizing on shopping behaviors as consumers start their shopping earlier and shift their spending from in-store to online. Below are a few insights that were covered in the webinar.

  • Holiday shopping continues to start earlier and earlier. 34% of consumers say they plan to start in October. This means marketers are planning longer campaigns and thinking more strategically about the behavior of shoppers who are in market early versus the last minute shopper.



  • Showrooming & Webrooming are here to stay: 88% of shoppers have webroomed & 73% have showroomed in the last 6 months (1). This will be a large focus as mobile continues to grow and as retailers adjust their strategy to embrace these behaviors in store.
  • Mobile will be a huge focus. Based on a recent study from Millward Brown, daily time spent on mobile devices has now outpaced TV consumption. As a result more people are researching products and converting to purchase on smaller screens. This is even more apparent for last minute shoppers. A seamless mobile experience will be key to driving higher conversions for shoppers who are on a deadline.


To get access to more great tips and trends like these, you can download a recording of the webinar presentation here.

(1) Source:  Interactions Retail Perceptions trend report, “The Rise of Webrooming:  A Changing Consumer Landscape,” May 13, 2014

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