Step2 Wins Top-of-Sort Visibility Across The Retail Search Exchange

step2logo-400x362There’s big competition playing out on the search results and category sorts of major online retailers. Little Tykes, along with category killer Fisher-Price, dominate the webpages of retailers like Toys “R” Us in the outdoor playset category, but Step2 is innovating with their search budget to unseat their rivals by winning top-of-sort placements in relevant search results.


“More and more our customers’ purchase decisions are occurring online, specifically on retailer sites,” said Tena Crock, Online Marketing Director for Step 2. “So we are moving a portion of our search budget closer to shoppers on the Retail Search Exchange.”

As an early adopter of The Retail Search Exchange powered by HookLogic, Step2 is winning market share via the CPC auction marketplace which exclusively targets consumers actively shopping on a network of ecommerce websites that includes BabyAge, Shopping, and the largest baby and toy retailer online. With the Retail Search Exchange, brand marketers like Step 2 have the unprecedented opportunity to seamlessly influence shopper decisions with “featured” product listings that are served against relevant site searches and category sorts.

The Retail Search Exchange takes a proven paid search model and puts it where shoppers are doing most of their product research and making purchase decisions – on retail ecommerce sites. A winning bid on the Retail Search Exchange means advertisers can influence a highly-engaged, in-market audience while they are actually shopping.

“It fits perfectly into our marketing mix without the need of additional time or resources – there’s no keyword research or creative asset creation needed on our end,” said Crock.

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