Study: 3 Online Shopper Mega-Segments Identified

Online Shopper Segmentation Whitepaper

HookLogic conducted a detailed study of 500 online shoppers in order to identify targeting opportunities for brands, agencies and retailers. The results were compiled and packaged into a whitepaper. Here is a sample of the results:

Online shoppers can be classified into three different Mega-Segments that have very different motivations, attitudes, behaviors, and purchase cycles. Matching in-site navigation to these segment behaviors will reveal who is shopping for you, and learnings of how to effectively target these three groups to help you turn online browsing into online buying.

One of the three segments identified, Shop Around Sally (46% of shoppers, 61% female, average income $60k, monthly spend $192), is a savvy shopper. She takes her time, browses around, and loves to compare products. She’ll look around her favorite sites, but also bounce around to others to look for deals elsewhere. As she does this, she’ll often put items in her cart to save them without purchasing them immediately (or ever). She has a family and is budget conscious, so saving money is as important as feeling like she got a good deal. She’ll often add on items to her initially planned purchase as she remembers what else she needs for her family.

How should you target her?

  • Give her different options for how to navigate – the more attributes and search options the better, as she wants control over her shopping process.
  • Show related items she can add to her cart, as she’s willing to buy more things that she needs and appreciates the reminders.
  • Use incentives to motivate her, so she feels like she’s getting a good deal.
  • Consider (developing the ability to) discounting items in her cart after a few days, reminding her about unpurchased items, she may be willing to come back and buy if lured by a bargain.

Want to learn more?  Meet the other 2 segments, Buy Button Bob and Window Shopping Wendy, in our new white paper entitled ‘Target Your Online Shoppers More Effectively.’

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