The Consumer Is Speaking, Why Are We Still Trying To Interrupt?

Consumers have seized control of their path-to-purchase. They rely less on distracting advertising and are now empowered by digital tools to make smart buying decisions on everything from televisions to toilet paper.  So, why are we still trying to interrupt them? Why don’t we work towards facilitating the shopping experience rather than hindering it?

HookLogic ventured out to Boston for the FutureM conference last month to share real examples and insights that indicates how consumers say they want to be engaged by brands, and how advertisers and retailers are actually doing it. Key findings from the presentation include:

  • Shoppers research on retail sites: Even with a wealth of online channels at their disposal, retailer websites are the leading research source for purchase decisions across nearly all product categories according to eMarketer.
  • Ad spend is not caught up to consumer behavior: Especially when it comes to time spent on the Internet. Although a full 36% of their time is spent online, marketers are only putting 19% of their dollars there. They’re still spending proportionally too much of their advertising budgets on print and TV.
  • Digital does influence online purchases: And it will influence them even more as time goes on. According to Forrester Research, there was 1.12 billion dollars in web-influenced online sales in 2011. By 2014, this number will rise to 1.41 billion.
  • There are smarter ways to engage shoppers today: Brands should be relevant, and in context. For example, branded landed pages on retail websites can act as digital ‘endcaps’ that catch the shopper’s eye when they’re browsing for a certain type of product. Also, pay-per-click advertising opportunities are continuing to open up across the ecommerce landscape. It makes sense to take advantage of media placements like this – that engage the shopper at the moment of truth – the very instant that they are ready to make a purchase decision.
Pay-per-click product advertising
Branded landed page










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