The Path to Ultimate Accountability

In a recent article by MediaPost, Cory Treffiletti addresses the modern marketer’s focus on driving sales as a major factor in accountability.  When ultimate accountability is sales, the next question is how do we develop a repeatable and scalable method to increase and improve sales? One important factor in this model is understanding the customer journey that helped increase those sales.

Hopefully, as someone responsible for your ecommerce marketing, you have a fantastic holiday season happening and are able to affect an increase in your KPIs and sales beyond expected goals. If so, everyone is happy with the results and you are excited to get the recognition you deserve. The next step is to report on those results.

For marketers, analysis and reporting on results is an interesting process. It’s where we learn what worked, what didn’t and what we need better data to report with confidence. A lot of what is important also depends on who is receiving the data.  In most cases, the ultimate recipient is a senior member of your executive team. Someone who is there to determine whether or not things are moving in the right direction.

As an Ecommerce marketer, Cory Treffiletti’s article rightfully points to sales as the ultimate metric of success. If everything went well, how do you answer the “why” and “how” it went well? If you can show paths to success and attribution, you will find yourself in a strong position to propose a repeatable model that will ultimately drive continued success and improvements.

Here at HookLogic, one of our primary objectives is to help marketers understand the customer journey. To help the modern marketer (who is ultimately responsible for sales) build a repeatable path to success, we analyze much more than conversions. Yes, we will show you sales attributed to your ad spend across our network and your ROAS. But, we’ll also give you other important metrics that help drive more sales like increase in product consideration and product detail pageviews. These are critical parts of your success model and we understand that.

So, when your ultimate accountability is driving more sales, make sure your model includes an end to end view of success. When someone comes asking how and why you did so well, you’ll be able to answer with confidence.

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