The Retail Search Exchange Debuts at eTail West

collateralphotoLast week, the HookLogic team ventured out to eTail West in sunny Palm Springs, California for a week of networking, learning, and knowledge-sharing with some of the biggest and best in the ecommerce industry. The action-packed event was buzzing with conversations surrounding customer experience, the future of ecommerce, and the two darlings spotlighted at every present-day industry event – mobile and social. And, as could be expected, popularized statements such as, “Mobile is big” and “This is the year of omnichannel retailing,” were heard throughout the exhibit hall and conference rooms throughout the duration of the conference.

At HookLogic booth #405, we were talking about something different. Something brand new. Something that made everyone’s ears perk up. That something was The Retail Search Exchange. This was the Retail Search Exchange’s debut conference, and it was fantastic to hear the initial reactions from attendees.  It seems like everyone is as excited about it as we are! Some of the things that resonated the most were:

  • Advertisers do not select individual retailers on which to run ads: For retailers, this network opacity guarantees that the Retail Search Exchange functions as a media program, not a trade program, to ensure the revenue coming in does not impact co-op dollars. Advertisers tap search marketing budgets to take advantage of the Retail Search Exchange, and are able to enjoy real-time return on ad spend (ROAS) reporting.
  • The customer experience remains relevant and in-tact: the Retail Search Exchange is powered by machine learning models that crunch hundreds of variables to ensure that the most relevant product ad is always served. Customers only see products that are relevant to their search.
  • Shoppers are never taken off-site: The Retail Search Exchange only shows products that the retailer actually sells. The ads click-in, so shoppers are never taken away from the retailer’s site.

For those of you that could not attend eTail, click here to check out one of the handouts we had on-site that gave attendees a glimpse at something different and exciting.

The Retail Search Exchange was announced to the world via this press release on Tuesday, March 6. To learn more about becoming part of this groundbreaking network of retailers and brands, please send an email to  

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