Turning Online Browsers Into Buyers: Where Brands Can Influence Most


Critical Moment Of Purchase Elements To Sell More Products Online

Brands are actively expanding their focus on ecommerce sales and tactics now more than ever. “Quality traffic” and “captivating content” are the two central components to attracting online sales. Studies have shown that fundamental brand assets have the largest impact in making the shift from browsers into buyers, moments before completing a purchase.

Some interesting findings we uncovered when investigating this impact include:

  • 84% of consumers believe price is a “top 3” influencer
  • Product descriptions matter. As the number two influencer, it beat out Ratings & Reviews.
  • Influencers vary widely by category. Some buyers are swayed by just one or two influencers, others need the whole package.
  • On average, online shoppers browse 2.7 websites prior to making a purchase
  • Consumers tend to be skeptical of 5 star ratings- 4 star ratings have a stronger positive impact than 5 star ratings

Overall, online or offline, the idea is to actively lead consumers to the most applicative product. In addition to online success, sales expansion and maximizing views improves offline sales as well.

For more information, check out our latest whitepaper, “Where Brands Can Influence Most: Critical Moments of Purchase Elements To Sell More Product Online.”




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