We Know Marketing Attribution

In their recent blog post “What is marketing attribution and why do you need it?” eConsultancy tries to demystify what can still be an ambiguous term for digital marketers. eConsultancy has been at the forefront of explaining attribution value and promoting its adoption – who doesn’t want better clarity into how, exactly their digital marketing spend is working?  And their definition is pretty straightforward: the practice of determining the role that any given channel plays in informing and influencing the customer journey.

Here at HookLogic, we are strong proponents of full marketing attribution, and believe that it’s the cornerstone of a strong digital marketing plan. As eConsultancy notes, this information doesn’t just help you understand, it helps you optimize.  Every one of HookLogic’s products offers full, transactional-based attribution right down to the sale of each SKU.  There are guesses, no assumptions, no projections.  You can feel confident that your marketing spend is going just where you want it, driving the results you control.

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