What Will Holiday 2014 Look Like?

In a recent webinar with mobile opinion targeting company Qriously and the American Marketing Association (AMA), our CMO and EVP of Corporate Strategy, Elizabeth Jackson, went through a number of data-driven predictions for the 2014 Holiday season. Some interesting tidbits disclosed include:

  • Online spend is on the rise: Overall, 34% of consumers will spend more than holiday 2013, with 36% saying they will be buying more online. When it comes to specific dates, 20% intend to spend more around Black Friday this year.



  • Ship-to-store and in-store pickup will grow: This saves on shipping costs and encourages higher in-store spend.
  • Shopping decision making will span the entire season: There are more days between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, creating less of a sense of urgency. Also, as consumers become accustomed to seeing deals on dates other than Cyber Monday and Black Friday, the peaks may not be as drastic as in previous seasons.

Learn more in our ‘Shopping Trends and Digital Marketing Tactics’ webinar here.

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