Be There When It Counts.

The hotel booking journey is more complex than ever, spanning OTA’s, direct channels, and search across devices.

HookLogic seamlessly connects your hotels with in-market travelers, wherever they are, enabling you to win more bookings and maximize profit. The future of travel marketing is native.

Reach Travelers at Massive Scale.

HookLogic partners with the world’s largest travel sites to provide real-time targeting of in-market travelers in the process of planning and booking. The network reaches travelers in 69 countries and counting.

Drive Traffic to Your Hotel Pages.

Dramatically increase traffic to your properties on web, mobile and app. HookLogic is native advertising for travel, a seamless way to drive more in-market travelers to your hotel pages. Like paid search, you set the price and only pay when travelers click your hotel ads. Our advanced targeting enables you to focus spend on need periods and hone in on the most valuable travelers.

Attribute Sales.

With access to granular sales data, HookLogic closes the loop and gives you the confidence to invest in winning strategies. Advanced analytics enable you to optimize return on investment and increase occupancy with fewer discounts.

Embedded in the Source Code of Ecommerce.

HookLogic integrates deeply with our partners, learning shopper behaviors so we can show your hotels to the right traveler at the right time. We use a unique combination of real-time consumer intent and past traveler actions to ensure the hotel that is most likely to result in a sale is the one that’s shown. It’s data science at its finest.

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Consumer Profiling

Results That Speak For Themselves.

TravelAds has allowed me to drive revenue when the hotels need it most. Being able to schedule ads in order to target specific travel windows helps fill need times – both short and long term. It’s a great platform and very easy to use!

Yolanda Clements, CHDM
Senior eCommerce Manager

By utilizing TravelAds our brand and independent hotels have been able to deliver our client hotels a return on investment during their need times and fill occupancy. We have been able to leverage TravelAds targeted search by the needs of the hotel to also fill weekend, weekday and rooms 21 days in advance to secure base business.

Gordon Liametz

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