The Power of a Closed Loop.

Performance Marketing for Brands – Possibility to Reality.

It’s the classic advertising dilemma. Marketers buy ads. Sales happen. But did the ads actually drive sales? And which ads drove which sales?

For retail and travel ecommerce sites, closing the loop from stimulus to response is straightforward and serves as the driver behind billions in spend on digital performance marketing. But for manufacturers and hotels that rely on retailers and travel sites to sell the majority of their products, the closed loop has been largely out of reach, with no means to connect advertising to resulting transactions – until now.

HookLogic has partnered with the world’s leading retailers and online travel sites to create the ultimate closed-loop marketing engine. Brands pay for highly targeted clicks to their products on ecommerce sites. Ecommerce sites share sales attribution data through HookLogic’s platform, enabling advertisers to have a clear view into sales resulting from their ads. Finally, brands can accelerate their sales while optimizing for return on investment.

At HookLogic, we are passionate about data and the ability to act on it. We are the champion for brand performance, working every day to drive more sales for our brand clients. That’s performance marketing for brands. That’s the power of a closed loop.

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