Embedded in the Source Code of Ecommerce.

HookLogic was built on the foundation of close partnerships with ecommerce sites. Our native sponsored listings must integrate with all aspects of the shopper experience, so every ad creative is designed with our partners and dynamically constructed to the style and layout of each site. The decision on which ad to show is driven by actual user behaviors considering current context, pooled shopper behaviors, and individual shopper histories. To create a true performance model for brand advertisers, the platform accesses the actual shopping cart data of every ecommerce site we work with to enable deterministic digital sales attribution for brands.

HookLogic was built from the ground up to be the ideal platform for media in the ecommerce environment – earning the trust to be embedded in the source code of ecommerce.

Campaign Management Interface.

Advertisers can control their campaigns in near real-time, with tools to change bids, set targeting, measure and optimize results. The experience resembles search engine marketing, but is custom-built for ecommerce, enabling brands to target shoppers at various stages and contexts in the shopping journey.

Bid Multipliers

Keyword Control


Decision Engine.

The HookLogic platform continuously optimizes ad serving decisions based on product relevance, targeting criteria, auction dynamics, and performance data. Machine learning translates shopper actions into contextual quality scores and cross-sell relationships. Finely tuned ad delivery logic maximizes advertiser return, while maintaining ecommerce version rates – creating a win-win for brand advertisers and publishers.

SKU-level Quality Scoring

Shopper Profiling

Performance Optimization

Shopper Data.

Our partnerships with global ecommerce leaders grant us unprecedented access to real-time shopping data previously inaccessible to most brands. HookLogic's comprehensive combination of shopper actions, product and hotel information, pricing and availability, and transactional data make it possible for brands to drive greater action and know results more clearly and quickly than ever before.

Unique access to comprehensive data from our ecommerce partners.

Transaction Data API

HookLogic receives actual transaction data from our ecommerce partners. This allows for real digital sales attribution reporting and data science models that optimize conversion rates and purchase behaviors.

Product SKU Catalog & Hotel Feeds

We collect hundreds of millions of product and hotel room details daily. This data allows us to populate ads with accurate information and serve relevant ads based on product and hotel attributes.

Price & Inventory Update API

Real-time updates flow into our platform when changes occur on the ecommerce sites in our network. This ensures accurate ad content and up-to-date availability.

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See HookLogic in Action

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